Friday, February 26, 2016

That ONE little WORD...

Have you heard of choosing a "word" for the year?  It's where you choose one word that will represent what you want your year to bring.  I've been choosing a "word" for the past few years but they never really resonated with me for very long, but this year is going to be different. 

I began thinking about my word and my goals for 2016 back in October 2015.  I started following some people online and listening and watching some podcasts, scopes, and videos all about setting goals and choosing a "word'.  It really got me thinking about what my personal and work goals were and then choosing a word to represent them.

Back tracking a little, in 2005 I gave up my business career to be home with my three sons.  So for the past 11 years I've been a stay-at-home-mom with no work hours, no bosses, and no co-workers.  During these years I have also been babysitting and so my daily companions have all been under the age of five - quite different from corporate America, but BIG CHANGES are coming.  The time has come where I must find employment outside of my home. The season of my life has changed now that my sons are teenagers and it's time to focus some attention on me and to also provide more financially for my family.

I have a lot of plans to make and goals to consider.  What kind of job will I look for? Will I travel far to get to it? What hours do I want to work?  Will there be travel involved in a job? Will my boys be OK without me :( ? So many questions that need answered.  Needless to say I'm excited but also fearful of making mistakes. 

I spent a lot of time planning out my goals and the word I chose is TRANSFORM.  I picked this word because I'm going to be changing and transforming my life this year.  One thing I love is the butterfly.  I love butterflies because they are so beautiful and free, but also because of how they change from caterpillars to butterflies...they transform.  This is a great analogy of what I feel is happening in my life this year.

"If nothing ever changed, there would be no butterflies."

In addition to finding a job, I have decided to put my Art Business in full gear and really work to make something out of it so it's more than just a hobby.  I've been thinking of doing this for a few years now but never really pushed it.  I've decided that this year is also the year to transform my art business.  I know I have a lot of work to do to make it happen but I am determined to be successful.

I've been creating my mixed media art for over five years now.  I've learned so many techniques by taking many online classes with some really great artists...Christy Tomlinson, Donna Downey, and Tamara LaPorte.  By studying alongside these great artists I've been able to develop my style and figure out  who I am.  I want to share that you and others through my art and I'm hoping that Sherry DiPaolo Art will be a success!!! 

to a great 2016 with many changes and challenges and great new experiences!!!
Keep following my blog for more on the Transformation of my personal life and the Transformation of Sherry DiPaolo Art.  I look forward to having you come along for the ride.